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Ski courses for kids

Fun and action
in the kids club

Kids watch out, we are going on the ski school adventure! Sports, fun and action are on the program and offer a new course adventure day after day!


In between technique exercises, we ski through the snake valley, jump over jumps and meet new friends. But that is not all!
The highlight is the final race, where each racer wins a certificate and medal.


Which group is the right one?

Judge your child’s ability based on our video breakdown.

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More Information

Courses for bambinis

For the youngest between 4 and 5 years we offer playful exercises in the Bambiniland to get the children used to the skis and new movements. To get to the top of the hill first, we start with a magic carpet and an easy descent for the first turns in the snow.

The children can slowly and gently approach the sport of skiing, without stress, hectic or pressure. Of course, the fun and joy of our bambinis is always in the first place.

Courses for beginners

For kids 6 years and older, this course is just the thing to immerse them in the world of skiing. Especially cornering is learned and improved at this age and is the main focus of the training.

In this course, our ski instructors train your children’s balance and dexterity so that they can later master steeper and longer descents with flying colors.

Courses for slightly advanced kids

Especially for returning skiers and for children where the last ski course was some time ago, this course seems to be the most suitable. The children get a feeling of standing on skis again and making turns through the snow.

With various exercises, the children are accustomed to skiing again and gradually regain their safety on the slopes.

Courses for advanced kids

The advanced ski course is for all children who have already taken two or more weekly courses. The techniques are developed and improved and everything from plow steering (combination plow and parallel) to parallel swinging with stick use is learned here.

This course promises one thing above all: fun, variety and a healthy dose of action!

Courses for the little professionals

For our summiters who have already covered a few years on skis, this course is great for becoming a confident skier.

The Top Ski School improves your posture, your turns and your plow, but never forgoes fun and games.

No master has yet fallen from the sky. Give your children time. With a lot of fun among like-minded people, they have a quick learning success.


You have never skied before? No problem!
Everyone starts small – with a magic carpet and children’s lift, skiing in Bobo’s Kinderland becomes an experience. Dear parents, give your children time to have fun skiing. From 4 years it is possible to start a try.

The little ones are introduced to skiing in a playful way and are accompanied by our specially trained ski instructors. With a lot of patience and experience, professionals take care of your children and respond individually to each one.

After a morning of fun in the snow, the little ones can optionally be looked after over lunch. Depending on the selected course and the age of the children, they go back to the slopes in the afternoon.

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If your children have already had their first experience on skis, they will be divided into different groups according to ability and age. Our TOP trained teachers guarantee fun and a good learning experience.

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The learning content is integrated into the course program in a playful way and, of course, fun and enjoyment are the top priority here as well. Improve your posture, finally feel confident on your skis or whizz down forest trails.

Through careful grouping, we will find the appropriate level for your child so that techniques can be improved, challenges overcome, and new friendships formed.

For those who are undecided, we offer flexible course times.


Daily from 10.00 to 12.30
and from 14:00 to 15:30 p.m.

Meeting point: 9.30 to 9.50 a.m.
(10.00 a.m. start of the course)


According to ability and age, the children are divided into different groups. Our TOP trained teachers guarantee fun and a good learning experience. We offer flexible course times for those who are undecided.


  • Helmet, thin cap
  • Parents cell phone number
  • Advanced: ski pass
  • Beginner: Score card
  • Sunscreen
  • Allergies (food)
  • Warm clothes


Bobo’s Kinderland
100 m next to tourist information

The highlight of each course is the great final race where each racer wins a certificate and medal.



Full day: Daily 4 hours
Half day: Daily 10:00-12:30

Lunchtime supervision: € 21,- per day & child
Extension surcharge: € 55,- per day

Note on any refunds for cancellations. A processing fee of € 20 will be charged from the total amount.

Mini lesson

In a mini-lesson in Bobokinderland, children under the age of 4 learn how to handle skis and snow in a playful way. With a personal children’s ski instructor, they take their first steps on skis and discover the joy of skiing in a 45-minute session.

€ 65,-

1 day

Price of course
without food

€ 140,-

Price of course
with food

€ 161,-

Price of course
Half day

€ 115,-

2 days

Price of course
without food

€ 240,-

Price of course
with food

€ 282,-

Price of course
Half day

€ 220,-

3 days

Price of course
without food

€ 300,-

Price of course
with food

€ 363,-

Price of course
Half day

€ 240,-

4 days

Price of course
without food

€ 330,-

Price of course
with food

€ 414,-

Price of course
Half day

€ 260,-

5 days

Price of course
without food

€ 350,-

Price of course
with food

€ 455,-

Price of course
Half day

€ 280,-

6 days

Price of course
without food

€ 370,-

Price of course
with food

€ 496,-

Price of course
Half day

€ 300,-


Frequently asked questions

Where is the assembly point for children?

The assembly point for children is located in our Bobo-Kinderland – behind the Hotel Zehnerkar and Hotel Wagner (for better orientation 5562 Obertauern – Römerstraße 60)

When is the meeting point start and finish for all children?

Meeting point start and finish for all children is on Sunday and Monday at 9.30 am, all other days at 9.45 am and 3.30 pm in our Bobo-Kinderland behind the Hotel Zehnerkar and Hotel Wagner.

The course times are from 10:00 to 12:30 and from 14:00 to 15:30.
Halbtags täglich von 10:00 Uhr bis 12:30 Uhr.

From what age does my child need a lift pass?

Children up to 5.99 years receive a free lift pass from the ski school during the ski course.
Children from the age of 6 need their own lift ticket.

What equipment do children need?

Children need their own equipment. There are numerous sports shops in Obertauern where you can hire your equipment.
Wearing a helmet is compulsory in our children’s groups!

Equipment for children:

  • Helmet & thin cap
  • Parents cell phone number
  • Advanced: ski pass
  • Beginner: Score card
  • Sunscreen
  • Warm clothes

What language do the ski instructors speak?

Our ski instructors teach in German, English, Dutch and Danish.

At what level should I categorise my child?

No problem – our experienced children’s ski instructors will of course organise the final allocation of children on site to ensure that your child receives the best possible support.

Approximate guideline:

Beginner green | never skied before

Blue | slightly advanced | approx. 1 to 3 weeks skiing experience

Red | Advanced | Your child is at least 6 years old and has about 4 weeks skiing experience

  • Group 5
    Prerequisite: plough steering, here the skis are set parallel after each plough turn
  • Group 6
    Prerequisite: Parallel turns on red slopes
  • Group 7
    Prerequisite: Parallel turning with pole use on different slopes

Black – Expert/Professional

Do I have to book lunchtime supervision for every day?

No, that is not necessary. If you are not yet sure how you would like to organise your lunch break, you can book your tickets for the next day by 4 p.m. the day before at the latest

Lunch is in the Hotel Zehnerkar right next to the Bobo-Kinderland from 12:30 to 14:00. Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to cater for special meals or your child’s allergies. – Important information – for organisational reasons, lunch must be ordered 1 day in advance!

When does the ski race take place?

The children’s ski race always takes place on Thursdays. All children receive a medal and a certificate!

Can our children attend the same course together?

The categorisation is based on the children’s riding ability and age. Please let us know when you book and we will try to fulfil your request.

Do I have to book a 6-day ski course?

Our courses are organised over 6 days, with the ski race on Thursday. It therefore makes sense to stay on the course for 5 or 6 days.